I have been half-heartedly working on my website for years…literally. Long story short, I prefer to be out shooting and exploring rather than inside messing on a computer. After that I’ll-get-around-to-it-next-year resolution at the end of 2013 (and again in ’14 and ’15), I can hardly spell ‘Search Engine Optimization,’ let alone understand how it works! Now that 2016 has come and gone… and after many, many hours of work (and even more cups of coffee), John with an ‘h’ of John Cameron Photography (great portfolio, John!) is still the #1 result on a Google search. But I am gaining ground and this updated (90% complete) website is proof!


Anyway, a little bit about my photography background for those of you who don’t know: I have been snapping photos for a decade or so, but never really did anything with them short of filling external hard drives to plug in and reminisce over later. After enough friends and family asked for prints and urged me to get on board with social media, I created a FacebookInstagram, and even a *gasp* Twitter account! Possibly my biggest tipping point to “do” something with my work, however, occured when I was contacted by National Geographic Learning/Cengage Learning to license an image I took years ago in college. As a kid, I poured through National Geographic magazines like most children devoured the contents of comic books – so this, to me, was a small step in the right direction – a goal I maintain; to one day become a National Geographic photographer.


I  truly appreciate the continued support of those who have pushed me through failure and success alike. Although I would rather be out photographing full time with my dog, I will find the balance between my website and embracing some big life changes over the next six months. I could not be more stoked about what 2017 has to offer for travel, images, and associated stories…stay tuned for more!


-Jon (with no ‘h’) & Japhy the Adventure Pup


PC: Maddy – Chapin Memorial Beach, Dennis, MA