When I imagine Rhode Island’s outdoor scenes, rocky coastlines and wetland areas dotted with deciduous forests come to mind. The Ocean State measures only 1,212 square miles, and I’ve had the opportunity to explore quite a bit of it during my year and a half here so when my neighbor told me Rhode Island also has sand dunes, I obviously had to plan a day trip to see this unexpected site!


The Coventry Sand Dunes take up the northeastern chunk of Big River Management Area’s 8,319 acres. If you were to make a triangle with the points being Coventry and East/West Greenwich, the dunes are located about in the middle at the corner of Hopkins Hill Road and Division Street just off of I-95.


Coventry Sand Dunes map


A handful of parking spots put you within a five minute walk from the dunes. Bring your dogs and a lunch and make it a scenic picnic – but be prepared to share the dunes with dirt bikes and ATVs.


Maddy and Japhy strolling down a dune


Coventry Sand Dunes


The only downsides to this unique Rhode Island location were quite a few broken glass bottles here and there plus some angsty graffiti that may not be appropriate for young eyes – but Japhy didn’t mind!


Graffiti and Japhy on rock