The preparation continues! A practical kitchen will certainly be a necessity for this summer (and many other trips) on the road. After brainstorming with my builder-of-things neighbor Yuri  and a quick trip to Home Depot for supplies, my Subaru kitchen is coming along nicely. One more afternoon in the shop and we’ll finish the project.


For a kitchen that fits in the back of my car, my priority is functionality – without sacrificing storage space. My hatch pictured below has limited room for food storage and preparation…some quick measurements got us pointed in the right direction.


Measuring the stove


Cracking  jokes and drawing plans


Measure twice, cut once



Opting for a smaller drawer to accommodate my two-burner stove with another drawer underneath leaves over half the remaining hatch space open for a cooler and other gear storage. This plan called for two sets of sliders to build a pair of shelves stacked vertically. I used 28″ sliders to account for every available inch of hatch space (without laying the back seats down because Japhy owns that whole area.) The sliders are rated at 100lbs – more than enough to support a stove, pans, etc.


Japhy keeping an eye on production from his back seats

Yuri and Maddy continuing the progress


Attaching sliders


Gorilla Glue is a must for the seams in this project. While screws will hold the pieces of 1/2 inch plywood together, the glue is what really solidifies the structure and gives it strength for the hundreds of uses and tens of thousands of miles I anticipate cooking for on the road.



Gorilla Gluing


Dudes making things



When the stove is opened, its cover protrudes past the sides of the drawer it sits in. A few quick measurements and handy jigsaw work later, and the problem was solved.

Yuri doing his thing


Drawer wall cut to accommodate stove in its opened position



While the job is not yet complete, we made some serious progress today. A huge thanks to Yuri and his skills/tools/shop as Maddy and I continue our preparation to set off on a road trip across Canada this summer. Soon as the kitchen is finished, I’ll post photos and descriptions so stay tuned for more!