I haven’t checked in for far too long! I promise to post more regularly, but have been so busy lately! Since Part 3, the kitchen was completed and installed with plans to test it all this weekend. Maddy finished the kitchen box with a few layers of paint, installed some handles, and got Japhy’s approval.


Maddy painting the kitchen box


Tying down the kitchen box to the back of the car seat


Japhy approves of this kitchen



But more importantly, our Roofnest Eagle rooftop tent has arrived! Not only was I impressed by how quickly it shipped all the way from Colorado to Rhode Island, but it was well packaged to avoid any damage en route with panels of high density foam and a steel frame surrounding it.


Jon helping the truck driver unload the Roofnest


Jon and Maddy unpacking the Roofnest Eagle


Japhy curiously watching Jon and Yuri unpack the Roofnest Eagle


No shoes allowed!