Who knew driving, taking and editing photographs, capturing drone videos, cooking turritos (not quite tacos and sort of burritos which have become our staple on the road), managing a handful of social media accounts, and blogging took so much time?! Not this guy…growing pains.


But here I am, checking in after the first 3,000 miles. We anticipated being in Canada by July 1st, but recently the Oregon coast has been far too appealing to pass by over the last week of exploring! Many of the locations we visited are my old stomping grounds…I fished for rainbow trout in Trillium Lake at the base of Mount Hood for the first time in 18 years and explored the same tide pools that fascinated me as a kid where the Pacific meets the rocky coastline of Newport, Depoe Bay, and Cannon Beach. As good as it is to be back in the Pacific North West, the vastness of the Trans-Canada Highway is pulling us North through Washington toward our ferry to Vancouver Island, British Columbia.


Maddy fishing in Trillium Lake


My first rainbow trout from Trillium Lake in nearly two decades!


Before we made it to Oregon and Washington, our first stop at Grand Teton National park yielded amazing views of the iconic mountains. I’ve only been to the Tetons once before on a climbing trip, so it was nice to really explore the area and capture as many photos as possible this time…and it was hard to beat the free campsite we found to take it all in from our Roofnest!


Maddy took this awesome shot of our Roofnest!


We woke up to this view 


Breakfast turritos with a view



I’m pretty sure I could spend the rest of forever in the Tetons and never tire of the views, but we had to keep moving to our next stop: Yellowstone…another place I had only been to once before. Hoping for a nice sunset to photograph Old Faithful like I did a couple years ago, the timing wasn’t quite right but I was still able to get this long exposure of the eruption – not the colors I imagined, but a unique shot nonetheless!


 Long exposure on Old Faithful


Aside from Old Faithful, many photography opportunities presented themselves during our brief two day stop to include Yellowstone Falls, an amazing double rainbow, and tons of wildlife!

Bison in Yellowstone


Double rainbow as we first entered the park


Young elk playing in Yellowstone


Yellowstone fox


Yellowstone Falls


Even though we rushed through Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and western Montana (a bald eagle made for some fun long-distance photography along the highway), we were able to continue our journey with lots of great photos and memories.


Bald eagle perched high over Quake Lake


It’s time to continue our drive up the West Coast to Canada – while we continue to edit seemingly endless photos and videos from the Oregon Coast Highway. My next blog post will be about that portion of the trip…until then, here’s birthday boy Japhy at Cannon Beach


Japhy the Beach Pup