At age five, my parents asked me to take their photo with a 35mm film camera. Having no understanding of photography at the time, I looked through the viewfinder of that old Canon and pressed its top button. The shutter clicked in hesitant agreement and even though my first image was crooked, over-exposed, and out of focus…I was hooked. 


Two and a half decades, 46 states, and 13 countries later, I remain as fascinated today by this capacity to preserve scenes which would otherwise be lost to time. Joined now by my four-legged companion, Japhy, I typically gravitate to the wild places. My technical ability combined with creative use of natural light allows me to capture striking images of the ordinary and extraordinary alike.


Every photo I create takes me back…intrinsically connecting me to the moment I pressed the shutter. I hope when you see my photos, you are reminded of your own good memories from these familiar scenes.




During the fall of 2015, I met Jon at a rescue shelter in Rhode Island. I am mostly red dog with a little bit of black and white in the mix...your guess is as good as mine for my actual breed!


Originally from a South Carolina puppy mill, I now claim Jon’s couch or the back seat of his car whenever we travel together. Equally as ready for a hike or a nap, I’m the perfect adventure partner...no matter if we're exploring for a weekend or a month! So far, I have travelled to 33 states as well as much of Canada during a 20,000 mile road trip from Vancouver Island to Nova Scotia. 


Alaska is my next big adventure. 


You can find me on Instagram @Japhy_The_Adventure_Pup. Follow along for a dog’s life full of fun and make sure to say hi if you see me on the road with Jon!